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GameCom 318LX Xbox One stereo gaming headset and advanced audio adapter

P/N: 203904-01

Your most effective weapons in matchplay are teamwork and awareness. Experience the advantage of audio and voice clarity plus dual-wheel analog precision for fast tuning of master volume or game/chat balance. Connects to Xbox One wireless controllers for wireless game audio.



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Signature Plantronics audio

Games sound better with rich, full-range stereo and rich bass response. Lightweight and flexible, this cushioned headset remains comfortable for hours of gaming. The noise-canceling mic ensures teammates and rivals hear you clearly.

Amplified audio

Audio adapter amps the sound

Total comfort

Lightweight and durable

EQ settings

Pure, Instensify, or Seismic

Noise-canceling mic

Be heard clearly

Advanced audio adapter

React faster with precise fingertip control of dual analog control wheels to adjust the master volume and the game/chat balance. Select independent mode and the top wheel controls game sound only, while bottom wheel adjusts chat from min to max. Clear min/max audio settings mean no distractions or pauses for on-screen menus.


Mic Freq Response: 100 Hz – 10 kHz
Type: 3.5 mm 4-pole
HP Freq Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Call Answer/End: Yes
Volume +/-: Yes
Mute: Yes