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Are you ready for the new world of customer interactions?

The contact centre is now the frontline of delivering on brand promise. But as service expectations continue to rise, companies need to adapt to become more customer centric. So how can you make this change?

With smarter customer interactions – prioritising the customer over internal processes and focusing your resources on delivering your brand promise through excellent standards of service.

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From Contact Centre to Customer Centric

As customer service evolves, your organisation must respond to a range of new external factors to deliver smarter customer interactions:

  • Every interaction with your customers is now in the public domain due to social media, creating high pressure to get it right the first time.
  • New workplaces and practices are improving the working environment and changing the approach to recruiting new talent.
  • Collaboration technology is making it possible to bring people together across the organisation to improve the effectiveness of customer responses.

Meet these challenges head-on by improving the conversation though an intelligent use of workspaces and technology as well as empowering your staff to deal with ever-more complex calls.

Experience the workplace revolution

Smarter contact centre

Embrace Change

Your customer experience is defined by your people. And the nature of your workplace shapes their attitude, motivation and sense of community. Now, new ways of working are creating greater freedom beyond the conventional contact centre environment.

Two workspaces are emerging as the preferred locations for delivering smarter customer interactions:

The smarter contact centre – This is a productive and collaborative environment that offers a range of spaces that are acoustically designed to match different styles of work. Using workspace planning tools such as Leesman you can create the areas you need to be more effective - from quiet spaces for confidential customer calls to open plan offices with acoustic shielding.

Home working – Remote working is no longer taboo, so now you can send your best people home. With the right technology and training you can increase job satisfaction, improve employee retention and boost productivity like never before.

You've got talent

EncorePro People

Hang on to the best

Employees who are able to work from home will feel more trusted and valued and are therefore more likely to remain loyal to your organisation. Home working also widens the pool of talent available to your organisation so you can continue to deliver high quality customer service even as your company expands.

Promote productivity

Home working reduces stress and the typical conflicts between work and family lives. Freedom from distractions and a quieter working environment can increase productivity by 10-50%, enhancing your competitive advantage. Happy employees are more motivated employees and the benefits of smarter customer interactions will be there for all to see.

Take advantage with technology

With easier customer requests now dealt with by self-service, the contact centre has to deal with longer and more complex calls. Delivering smarter customer interactions at all times requires a renewed focus on the technology available within your contact centre.

Be smarter

Achieving smarter customer interactions is simpler with Plantronics Contextual Intelligence. By combining wearable technology on our latest headsets with exclusive software and our audio processors you can automate and reduce the burden of mundane tasks for your users. With Contextual Intelligence you can also give your supervisors more visibility across all calls while improving cost control for your IT team. Discover how you can benefit from Plantronics Contextual Intelligence.

Find the freedom to roam

Wireless headsets allow staff to move freely and access the information they need to resolve customer queries. They also contribute to efficiency improvements and cost savings as callers are reachable whether they are at their desk or not. See what our wireless customers are saying.

Improve your connections

The rise in challenging calls often requires increased collaboration among colleagues. This makes availability and connectivity essential. Optimised for Unified Communications and with presence technology integrated into many new Plantronics models, you can ensure your people know when others are available so your customers are never kept waiting.

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Beat the noise

Building a rapport with customers is imperative when resolving their issues or if you want them to take action. They have to be able to hear the caller clearly amidst any interfering noise. That is why all Plantronics come with noise-cancelling technology as standard.

Discover all-day comfort

Today’s complex calls require employees to be on the phone for longer than ever before. If they are uncomfortable this can affect their performance and impact on customer relations. Plantronics lightweight headsets come in a range of wearing styles and each with extra features for all-day comfort so your people almost forget they are wearing one.

Future-proof your contact centre

Plantronics technologies can connect to multiple devices so that your employees can use their headsets across desk phones, softphones or mobile devices. The ability to seamlessly switch ensures that even if you need to change your communications devices you do not need to change your headsets, protecting your investment from the beginning.

It's good to talk

Has the telephone had it’s day? Contact centres are increasingly realising the benefits of using a PC based softphone - integration with desktop applications, reduced clutter, and click to call. The increase in PC hardware quality, and software to deal with voice in real time, is now making the softphone a reality for large scale rollouts. As your phone changes, your headset should too – to add in wideband audio quality, and keep the high reliability.

Make yourself heard

Building a rapport with new customers and engaging with them is imperative when resolving their issues. If you want them to take action, purchase services and perform tasks, they have to be able to hear the caller clearly amidst any interfering noise.

Less wires, more money!

Wireless headsets significantly contribute to efficiency improvements and cost savings. Hear what our customers are saying.

Rise to the challenge

The rise in challenging calls and legislation often requires increased communication inside and outside a contact centre between agents, experts and customers. Availability and connectivity are essential, particularly when educating customers and staff and delivering successful resolutions.

Savi 700 Series

Audio evolution

Communication is constantly evolving and the rise of the lightweight headset is an ongoing evolution that started nearly 50 years ago, with the advent of the first headset for NASA’s historic moon mission.

Now, Plantronics ultra-light headsets are designed with ergonomics, real-life interaction and specific user needs in mind. From ear size measurements to sizing alignment, weight and balance – superior comfort is paramount. No two ears are alike and as a technology innovator, Plantronics conducts the industry’s most comprehensive research in an effort to maximise comfort for its entire user base

Advanced, functional design is key to providing high user satisfaction, which leads to increased productivity and reduced posture-related ailments.

A little less conversation

Business tele-interaction is growing and ‘voice presence’ is proving crucial to successful business.

As a result, projecting “brand personality” or “voice signature” through voice-based training should not be underestimated.

In fact, tuning voices with pace, pause, power and pitch can add to your competitive edge.

Research shows that 7% of the importance of a face-to-face conversation is attributed to the message and 38% to tone of voice. With voice-only calls those figures rise to 13% and 87% respectively.

Get your tone right and increase productivity, customer engagement and loyalty.

The Future of The Contact Centre

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Guide to Home Working

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